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Giebros Technics Services B.V.

Giebros Technics Services B.V.

Choose the expertise to help you:


Operational Technology and Automation

Your wish is a technical system that runs problem free. The technical environment of your facility is complex and consists out of multiple installations. Ideally, these systems function together seamlessly; something best managed by an intelligent control system. Giebros can help you in this area and will ensure that the systems are precisely coordinated. We also ensure that the necessary checks are made and you’re in compliance with the latest regulatory and safety measures.

Water purification

An essential part of any swimming pool is the water purification or treatment system. It ensures that the quality of the water is correct so the users can enjoy the pool in a hygienic and safe way. Giebros makes sure your system operates problem free, takes care of the obligatory permits and maintenance – and can provide a proper care schedule and materials.

Climate Control

A visitor to your swimming pool, spa or ice rink need to experience a pleasant climate. It is therefore important that the climate control system is able to cope with variances in temperature outdoors. This too must be taken into account when integrating individual systems. Point of attention: the solution often lies in a number of measures which not only ensure a better climate but also generate an economic advantages. Simply put, improve and save money!

Energy Technology

Energy savings is a hot topic. Often systems operate sub-optimally or are not well commissioned to run efficient. Giebros can perform a no obligation scan of your systems to figure out how your company could save money. It will surprise you how quickly an investment can be earned back, simply by lowering operational costs. With Giebros as a partner, you will be quickly on your way.

Legionella Management

Legionella management is serious business; as owner of a swimming pool this is a known risk to you. Nonetheless, almost daily, complaints come in with legionella as a possible culprit. That is why one can never be too careful when dealing with Legionella. Giebros proposes a Legionella management plan based on a in-depth risk analysis. In addition to boiler maintenance and valve monitoring checks, we frequently check water samples and suggest flushing schedules at release points. Temperature measurements will be kept and logged. Only with a properly executed management plan you will be able to conform to regulatory guidelines.