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GIEBROS Technics Services B.V.

Giebros Technics Services B.V.

Maintenance and service of technical systems for swimming pools and recreational areas

Our company specializes in maintaining technical installations for swimming pools and recreational projects. Giebros offers a great advantage through our extensive knowledge of all applied technologies. Therefore we can provide solid advice and the best all round service to get the most out of your recreational system.

Giebros has built numerous noteworthy technical systems throughout the world. Giebros also maintains a large number of projects; and most often these are installations that have been operating failure free for decades.

Giebros does it all

Giebros’ strong suit is its wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is comprised of experts in the areas of climate, water treatment, regulation technology, energy and building physics. These are some of the advantages of our complete and balanced service offer.

We also advise in areas of technical implementation towards cost savings. Our services help in all aspects of the technical systems: water, heating, climate control, etc. You can leave the entire management of your technical systems to Giebros, we guard your operation 24/7!

Energy management and Sustainable business

We specialize in energy management, water conservation and quality improvement. Sustainability is not just a buzz word. Within our operational philosophy, sustainability is an important part of the solutions provided. Simply because it makes economic sense. Giebros gives you insight in how to invest strategically in your technical systems for the best results.


Giebros Technics Projects B.V.
Giebros Technics Services B.V.
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