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VRIJBURGBAD Vlissingen / Middelburg

Water, climate and energy engineering by GIEBROS


Vrijburgbad Vlissingen - Middelburg

The two municipalities Vlissingen and Middelburg, located in the SW of the Netherlands, built one complex. This recreational complex, which was opened on the 1st of July 2003, is located centrally between the two towns and is easily accessible by car, bus and bicycle. The “Vrijburgbad” offers pools for recreation, instruction and competition. Additionally, the “Vrijburgbad” has accommodation for fitness training and a restaurant. The complex is for sport and recreation and young and old alike.

The numbers

With a total builded space of 5,890 m2, with a pool area of 1,380 m2 containing 2.5 million liters of water. This complex has run failure-free since it opened and has experienced a substantial growth in visitors ever since.

Under the Bonnet: The Technology

We implemented water purification systems for a range of temperatures, water disinfection and automised the entire water and climate systems. In practice meant the usage of an automated valve system and filters integrating automatic recovery. We also produced pumping systems for various waterparks, air-treatment for entire buildings with built-in heat recuperation.

Finally, we integrated these technologies successfully for optimal performance. In the planning phase we advised in areas of structural and interior finishing and in 2015 we complimented the package by adding high yield solar panels.

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