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Eindeloos veel waterpret gebouwd door GIEBROS



Along with Giebros Technics, Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust has undergone impressive developments in recent years. The park, which features a central building, supermarket, restaurant and swimming pool since 2008, has been expanded with a true family hotel, luxury camp sites and a glamping offering luxury beach lodges and beachcomber cabins. A night and day difference compared to the initial construction of 200 campsites.

Substantial expansion in 2016

Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust innovates continuously. It's not surprising that the park can count itself among the best complexes in The Netherlands.

Giebros Technics played an important role during the most recent expansion in the spring of 2016. The central building was enlarged considerably and the pool was expanded by adding in- and outdoor water playgrounds which, partly due to the large pirate ship, leave a big impression on both young and old. We were responsible for the overall technical implementation of the concept. One example of our responsibilities was monitoring water quality in both the pool and water playgrounds so they would meet the stringent requirements of the Act on Hygiene.

Moving the technical room

The complete technical room had to be moved because it would block the view on the enlarged swimming pool and water playground. We've designed this prefab technical installation in our own factory back in 2008. That proved to be an invaluable choice. Moving the entire technical installation proved to be a relative breeze. We disconnected piping, lifted our prefab installation by a crane and moved the entire installation to our factory. After finishing our work we simply placed the entire installation on its new location. Fast construction time and substantial cost savings.

The result?

No demolition was needed because the installation could be moved and recycled in its entirety. This knowledge and expertise makes Giebros Technics unique in the successful execution of prefabricated concepts for swimming pools. In addition, Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust achieved considerable cost savings because no expensive equipment was lost and no additional labor hours were needed.

Ingenious heat recovery through the use of solar thermal collectors

Lastly, an ingenious heat recovery on ventilation system was installed with the purpose of avoiding unnecessary energy loss. We've placed our high quality HR solar on the roof to ensure heating for swimming water. We've placed our high quality HR solar on the roof to ensure heating for swimming water. Now and in the future.