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Sportiom ’s-Hertogenbosch

Zwemwater en ijsvloer onder GIEBROS controle


Sportiom ’s-Hertogenbosch

“Sportiom” is multifunctional sport centre located in Den Bosch in Noord-Brabant. The complex houses a number of swimming pools, whirlpools, a wave pool, saunas, steam cabin, herbal bath and wild-water river. There is also an ice skating rink and ice hockey stadium and a multifunctional sport arena. All facilities are housed under one roof and is easily accessible. In short, it has everything for all sportive types of all ages.

The numbers

he “Sportiom” first opened in 1998 covering 18,660m2 in total surface area, with an ice floor of 2,950m2. In total the complex contains a volume of 2.6 million litres of water. Since the opening in1998, the complex has had zero failures.

The Technology

We automated the entire water purification and water disinfection systems. Furthermore, we built the pumping systems for the various water attractions, slides, air treatment for heated and cooled areas of the building as well as the heat and cold recuperation system from the ventilation as part of the air treatment system.

We also provided the heating and cooling, the refrigeration for the ice floor, energy generation and the integration of the systems for optimal performance. In the planning phase, we advised heavily on matters of building and finishing.

Special details: The integration of heat recuperation from power generation and refrigeration delivers large amounts of thermal energy for heating that the installation of solar panels was not necessary. This is an excellent example of the advantages of the integration of various systems in a single building containing various climate types.