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Skiresorts in Jeddah and Oman

Het hele jaar sneeuw en ijs zeker in de woestijn


Jeddah Ski Park

This complete snow village, project start in 2015, is located in Jeddah. The large shopping centre has a wealth of attractions for families with children. Electric snow scooters, special slides, snow diggers, ice cliffs and plenty of snow. It has all the amenities. The theme. Parents can shop til they drop, while the kids play to their hearts’ content in the winter wonderland on the building’s third level.

Given the mean temperature outside of 45 oC and a temperature inside of -2 0C, this formed a real challenge for our design engineers. Another factor, the ambient in the hall needed to remain above freezing for the snow to be sticky, while the ice floor would need to be under 0 oC. Thanks to excellent cooperation within an international team, the project’s result was nothing short of spectacular. Giesbros Technics designed and produced the entire climate with snow and ice and the architectural engineering for temperature and humidity regulation.

The numbers

The Giebros Technics project’s total floor space was 5000m2, with 400m2 of ice floor and some 3000m2 for snow.

The Technology

We used several technologies for cooling in various temperature ranges both above and below freezing, the cooling of the ice floor and the preparation of snow floors and systems for snow production and transport. Additionally, we implemented systems for air management both heating and cooling as well as defrost elements on sub 0 oC systems. We then shunted the cold and heat into separate systems for optimal performance.

We also advised throughout the planning phase in areas of structural and interior finishing. This advice enable the realisation of pleasant inside conditions while avoiding condensation and finally the onset of mold and rot.

Snowresort Oman

In 2016, construction of a new and ambitious project started in Muscat, the capitol of Oman. When finished the shopping centre of “Palm Mall” will have no less than 7000m2 of floor space set aside for snow and ice entertainment. This snow resort is next generation it will not only have accommodation for skating and skiing, but many newly developed attractions like snow bumper cars, snow scooters, an ice climbing wall and snow football as well. The opening is planned in 2018. Giebros Technics is responsible for the essential technical systems and special parts for the snow park. In addition, Giebros Technics is providing support for the structural engineering.

Giebros Technics - Mall of Arabia - Jeddah
Skiresort - Jeddah
Giebros Technics - Palm Mall - Oman
Palm Mall - Muscat, Oman