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Recreation Technology


All technologies are centralized in GIEBROS

We specialize in delivering various technical applications for recreational usage in a vast array of climates; ranging from sub-tropical to arctic climates. In swimming pools and snow and ice skating surfaces to integral climate and water treatment in all its forms. Proven quality. An established reputation. Transparent collaboration. What we say, we'll do. That is Giebros Technics.

We provide cooling technology which produces both multi-functional snow and ice that can be used for various sports and recreational activities. For instance sports like ice hockey, curling and ice skating. Naturally, we also deliver hot and cold water systems and know everything there is to know regarding water treatment, solar panels and climate control. Throughout the entire preparation phase, up to the execution phase and after-service: you can count on proper management assistance and expert support from our specialists wherever you are.

Ongoing Innovation

Naturally, we are still innovating. How? By building on our experience and by applying new and smart engineering. We regularly act as a multi-disciplinary consultant and problem solver in situations where technicians fail to solve complex problems. Recently, this was the case at a snow center in the Middle East. The situation? Creating a stable indoor climate of -10 °C while the temperature outside was 45 °C. The system in place at the resort was inappropriate for managing the large temperature difference. The physical building conditions were a catastrophe. After proper research and in-depth consultation with all stakeholders we engineered and build a largely new system that delivered the required conditions. Brilliant projects with great end results and happy customers. That is our goal.

Cost Reduction vs High-end Quality

We were once told that we only build “High-end” quality systems. And perhaps that’s true. The initial purchase might not be the least expensive option, but using the technology in the long run ultimately results in the lowest annual running costs. And that is indeed how we design our systems: first rate quality, reliable for years to come and efficient in power consumption and maintenance. Our motto: think before you act so you end with an investment that lasts. These days, that’s called sustainability. For us, sustainability is a given and has already been for several decades.

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