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Technological Specialization

GIEBROS Process and Automation Technology

All disciplines under one roof

Regulations, control, process technology, systems integration, universal supervising and quality control; all plays an important role in order to be successful. Possessing specific and advanced technology as well as having a thorough knowledge of local and international standards and regulations are essential. Experience, continuous development, structural investments in innovation and training of our employees are indispensable factors.

Giebros Technics houses all of these disciplines. This “classical industrial” approach is imperative to ensure that we can deliver a specialized and high quality product to our customers. Our strength is working seamlessly together, offering excellent support and intelligent control systems. This is supported by a team of specialists and service technicians available 24/7.

Integration Technology

What truly makes us unique, is the fact that –from scratch- we design systems, engineer, build and maintain them. In today’s market this is still unusual; amy competitors focus on just one element leaving the rest to others. At Giebros we not only feel responsible for the system is build; we feel part of the total process in which overall performance counts.

As our client (and this is a definite advantage) you will always know who is accountable and has to fix the problem, should one arise. We integrate several technologies into one functional system: energy generating, heating and cooling systems, air treatment, and water for steam, swimming pools, snow and ice. We know it all and have done it all.

In Practice

We successfully applied our technologies in a large number of in- and outdoor swimming pools, fitness-, sauna- and wellness accommodations, campsites, hospitals, indoor snow centers, ski resorts, data centers and holiday resorts across the globe. Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Contact us.