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Energy Systems

Energy Technology

Environmentallly friendly, saving energy and achieving maximum return.

Energy is hot. And you preferably use as little as possible since it delivers you the highest return on investment. At Giebros Technics we are constantly looking for ecological alternatives. Heat regeneration systems are per definition part of technical installations we deliver. The results are undoubtedly known to you: no energy is lost unused.

Furthermore, in larger systems energy is often regenerated and solar power is integrated. With the implementation of hybrid systems, energy can be supplied and stored from various sources. Today Giebros Technics is the largest player in The Netherlands when it comes to the application of high yield solar power systems in use for heating swimming pools. We supply high-efficiency solar panels and are most experience in integrating solar technology in existing installations.

Not just Words. Deliver expertise.

What else do we do? At Giebros we design, consult and install high quality power generation, heat pump, energy control and energy savings systems. Terms like CHP (combined heat and power), frequency controlled pumps, ventilators and air treatment chambers are our daily business. We pay close attention to our customers project. What do they need? What is important in their specific situation? Which energy saving advice will help them the most?

At Giebros Technics we are less interested in a good sales story. Instead we prefer to put technology into your business and deliver return on investment. With being the best and doing as we say. And seeing your project through to perfection. This is perhaps the best way to explain our story. Your next step is to find if your story matches ours.

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