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Climate Control

Climate Control

Extremes in climate: we will take care

In our company you will find expertise in the fields of water, air, heating, ice and energy. For climate control this is specifically about air treatment and heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification and de-humidification. We design and build virtually anything in this field and take care of putting the system into service. This is often the case in climate-sensitive environments like indoor swimming pools, data centers and snow- and ice centers. All projects where success or failure depends on good control of the climate system.

A-grade Collaboration

Material conservation, frequency regulated exhaust and intake, low power mode, aggressive chlorine particles and corrosion prevention; you’re familiar with this and know the importance of good management. It is important that the various technical systems work together seamlessly. Only then a pleasant environment is created that in return will attract and please your visitors. The improved efficiency is your fist gain. And happy visitors are your other win-win.

From the center of The Netherlands to the Middle-East

Our experience is extensive: we delivered the technical aspects for the majority of the holiday parks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We have realized large multi-functional sports facilities (like Sportiomcomplex in ’s-Hertogenbosch NL) which consists of swimming pools, saunas, sports halls and an ice rink for recreation and ice hockey. And also to mention projects in the Middle East, where we've realized the central “snowzone” system for a indoor ski resort.

What distinguishes us? As our client you have a central expert point of contact at your disposal throughout the entire project, ensuring clear and efficient communication. Much to the approval and comfort of our customers as they like this single portal approach.
Our goal: Deliver quality and efficiencies to our clients..

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