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Sportcomplex Sportiom Den Bosch – The Netherlands
GIEBROS Energy Technology
INDOOR SNOW PARK Jeddah - Saudi Arabia / Muscat - Oman
GIEBROS Water Treatment
SAUNA RESORT DEVARANA Den Bosch - The Netherlands
GIEBROS Recreation Technology
WATERPARK DE ZEEUWSE KUST Renesse - The Netherlands


All aspects of climate control including air treatment, heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification and de-humidification.


Installations for swim water treatment, water purification and disinfection, pH-correction and water recycling; all in-house designed and produced.


Expertise in refrigeration technology
(snow and ice), hot and cold water systems, water treatment, climate systems and energy management, including solar power.


Focus on innovation and craftsmanship, delivering high-grade energy generation, heat pump regulation, energy (power) management and energy savings.


Specialist in many fields including: measurement, regulation and process technology, building management systems, project supervising, security and project management.


Detailed knowledge in applied technologies and many years of experience, Giebros provides one-stop service and support.


Giebros Technics is an international player in design, realization and maintenance of (largely complex) technical installations for swimming pool, snow centers and data centers. Our family company was founded in 1966 and has grown to become a household name in solutions for climate, water and energy control. Both in- and outside of The Netherlands.

With our experienced team of employees, many with more than 20 years experience, accompanied by a pool of specialists located around the globe, Giebros Technics is a leader in everything concerning air, water, heating, snow, ice and energy.

Giebros Technics combines various disciplines to create an integrated system. Functionality, efficiency, durability and quality always come first at Giebros.

We have successfully applied our technologies in a large number of in- and outdoor swimming pools, fitness-, sauna- and wellness accommodations, campsites, hospitals, indoor snow centers, ski resorts, data centers and holiday resorts across the globe. Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Contact us.

What makes Giebros unique.

What makes us unique is the fact that we design our installations from scratch. An industrial traditional approach, but unique in today's market. We integrate several different technologies like power generation, heating and cooling systems, air treatment, swimming water, snow, ice and steam.

We build and test our installations on modular, movable steel frames in our own factory. This allows for necessary TüV certification checks. After the necessary checks we'll transport the installation to any desired location. This method allows for significantly shorter production times. It is no wonder we are known as the market’s innovator when it comes to prefab and modular installation technology.

Our mission is clear: Ensuring your technical works are fully functional and worry free. Giebros Technics has developed extensive expertise in all of the previously mentioned aspects. By choosing Giebros, you're choosing an experienced partner who understands everything about your project in detail and feels fully responsible for a 100% success rate.

GIEBROS Technics offers all-round maintenance and 24/7 service.

Proper maintenance translates into high company assurance and low running costs. GIEBROS offers you all the necessary expertise for the best results: 1 service number for all your queries.

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