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Modular Building by GIEBROS

Modular Building Methods

We build & test local and deliver anywhere worldwide

Back in the 50’s, our founder Mr. Henk van der Giesen Sr. was amazed that sometimes entire production facilities were moved to a building site, only to complicate the various construction phases and regularly resulting in considerable delays and increased costs. How was a technical engineer to transport all of his tools and material to a building site to do his job properly? And do this every morning again and again? According to Van der Giesen there had to be a more efficient way. A much more efficient way.

Modular assembly is unique to Giebros

From that moment Giebros is building modular on movable steel frames in our own factory. When finished the total installation is extensively tested and (when required) TüV certified. After successful testing and certification the installation is separated in modular sections and transported and reassembled at the client’s location.

Saving time and money

All with result! Significantly shorter turnaround times lead to time savings and improved quality for the client which ultimately results in an economical advantage.
With renovations we have the same approach. By applying a modular manufacturing process, down times of your operation are kept to a minimum, again delivering economical advantage.

Diagram Modular Construction GIEBROS

Innovation and modular assembly go hand in hand

Giebros Technics is an Industry innovator when it comes to prefabrication and modular building technology. We have reached considerable experience in designing and building prefab, skid-mounted and modularly integrated systems for swimming pools, snow, ice, and water treatment. Our motto? Dutch quality can be delivered worldwide; even in hard to reach places. Our systems run stand-alone. The snow system we produced for the Middle-East is an excellent example. The total installation had the first running hours in the factory in Roosendaal.

Modular assembly is a great advantage! All parties involved are at the table from day one, there are no disruptions from other building site activities, the construction time is shorter and the system is tested thoroughly before permanent placement.

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