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The story of GIEBROS

Our History

Over 60 years Innovation and Technology

Our company originated from a hardware store owned by H. van der Giesen Sr. Our first project was realized in 1966 at the “Taxandriahal” in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Soon a number of sizable projects followed: to mention the swimming pool in Strombeek-Bever in Brussels, Belgium (1967) and the first Ice Hockey stadium in Tilburg, The Netherlands (1968). Anno 2017 the list of realized projects exceeds 400.

Giebros is an international player in design, realization and maintenance of (highly complex) technical systems. Since being founded in 1966, this family business is known both nationally and internationally for its solutions for climate, water, and power management. With a team of fulltime employees, some with more than 20 years experience, accompanied by a pool of specialists from all over the world, Giebros Technics is a leader in everything concerning air, water, heating, snow, ice and energy.

Innovative Modular Construction Technique

Since 1968 we are developing our innovating modular building method; we build and test systems in our own production facilities sizing thousands of square meters. Only when tests are successfully completed, the systems are prepared for transportation and installation at the client site. The advantage being a shorter production time to up and running.

Open Culture

Clear communication. Direct lines. No nonsense. That's Giebros Technics. More companies claim the same. What typifies us is the friendly atmosphere at Giebros Technics. People and customers feel at home. That gets the best out of all parties involved, which helps in reaching a successful end result. Our mission is as simple as it is clear: make your technical systems reliable and care free.

The Projects

A snow resort in the Middle-East, holiday parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the Sportiomcomplex in ’s-Hertogenbosch, recreation projects in Yarmouth and Bournemouth, the British Telecom data centers in London, recreation plan Veerse Meer and a ski resort with an entire winter amusement park in Oman. These are just examples: the counter on projects is now well past the 400 mark. That's what makes us proud. Appropriately proud. Because our company would not exist without the grace of our clients and the dedication of our committed employees. Dutch glory from Roosendaal as someone once put it. That's a statement we gladly endorse.

Modular prefab by Giebros back in 1957
Modular prefab by Giebros back in 1957. After transport the installation is reassembled.
Taxandriahal in Waalwijk (NL
Taxandriahal in Waalwijk (NL), opened in 1968 and with installations of Giebros.
Giebros: Key supplier of the larger recreational operators in Middle and Western Europe
Key supplier of the larger recreational operators in Middle and Western Europe: Landal Greenparcs and Centerparcs .